Lords of Fate

Session 6
What Has She Gotten Me Into This Time

Ever since stepping from the mists (this time) I have been travelling with these beings. It seems to be the path I need to follow; for the moment. She would not have brought me here otherwise. However, after dealing with some of these “people” my certainty has been shaken somewhat. I am trying to determine their true motives, but it is not easy. They appear to work as a team, but my gut tells me that their motives are more individualistic. Perhaps She intends that I bring balance to this group. However, I need to maintain it in myself; until the verdict comes.
They are truly a mixed bag. They range from a scholar to an artist, a (The?) vampire to an angel and its flaming sword, an elemental to a goddess of magic and a living weapon thrown into the mix for “good” measure. It kind of reminds me of the bull pen back at the public defender’s office. Sometime, I think I would have been better off doing what I was told instead of doing the “right” thing. I didn’t know it then, but that decision ended my life…as I knew it. It ultimately ended up bringing me to “Her”.
There are times, in the dead of night, that I wish that I hadn’t decided that justice was less important than the law; almost. It wasn’t as if that piece of trash didn’t deserve to fry for the dozens of capital crimes I know he had committed, but he happened to be innocent “this time” around. It was one of those if, if, if situations that nobody wins. IF I hadn’t come across that video showing that cop entering the building 30 minutes before he said he had. IF I hadn’t kept looking into that scum’s alibi, I wouldn’t have found it. IF I hadn’t been so blind that I didn’t even consider that even cops might seek to make an example of someone who dared to put away one of their own, I might still be “alive”; but I would never have known “Her”.
As always, I will have faith that Her gifts to me will allow me to find the point that will allow me to show these others that balance must be maintained. That place where good, evil, law and chaos meet in equilibrium. That point at where Her scales are truly in balance. Then, perhaps, I can finally find peace.
Right now it looks like I’m in Hell (again) and the natives are restless. We need to watch out for Demons and Devils and Weres; oh shit!

Session 5

The war seems to be finally over. The early conflicts had been nothing more than distractions, but out there real challenges thought they were hidden. To one attune with the earth nothing that moves on or within the earth is truly hidden. The battle was the first real challenge that the companions and I faced since being brought to this world.

Together with the slaver known as dRaaang I sought out where the Hood might be hiding. This Black Hood is a coward; a conqueror that is not willing to break his foes with his own hands is not worthy to sit upon a throne.

Rising up from the caverns was an enormous creature that my companions called a Cyclops and it stood over 80 feet tall. I called upon the energy of the Anvil and doubled my height, but it was still less than a quarter the beast’s height. I stuck out and smashed its leg bringing it down to its knees, and its retaliation was feeble. Trying to hurt me with a rock, the creature was dumb as it was huge. The slaver dRaaang tried to take over the beast, but its feeble mind must have been too simple to be an adequate puppet. I smashed its leg and in its blind rage to kill dRaaang the simple minded fool missed and split its own skull.

The winged creature known as Michael flew up into the clouds in search of the elder dragons and fought one in single combat. The dragon was knocked from the skies and brought down to the earth where it had to flee from the battle using its magic or be destroyed. The angel’s victory was short lived and he was nearly swallowed into the earth by the magic wielded by the Black Hood. He escaped from being entombed and right into an ambush by a flight of gargoyles.

The one called Justice and a dwarf warrior wielding a magical hammer fought a beast called an abomination. Each time they scattered the beast it would reform itself. Time and time again it the scattered the beast and it reformed, neither side really gaining a solid victory because it could not really harm them in return.

The one known as Isis and the sage Tertullian worked together to form a magical trap that weakened the Black Hood. Afterwards Isis used her magic many times to turn the tide of battle in our favor when things began to look desperate.

Drakul searched out the lesser of his kind and brought them to heel and with their assistance he ripped open the device called the Doom Wheel and killed its operators.

The artist who calls himself Angle toyed with the elder dragon of storms until it fled the battlefield in shame. I actually felt sorry for the creature for it was clearly outmatched by the artist’s skill.

Nearby stone trolls came towards me, maybe with thoughts of vengeance, fools. I charged into the creatures scattering several of them before they surrounded me and tried to bring me down. As I faced the trolls the vampire Drakul with some of his new minions smashed into the rear ranks of the trolls and it became a race to see who would have the greater count of skulls.

It was at this time that dRaaang found the Black Hood, who was facing Tertullian and the walking trees of Mave’s army. Tertullian I believe had tried to reach a peaceful conclusion to this war, noble effort but his audience had not ears for peace. I do not know what happened, but I saw dRaaang fall from the sky and a moment later there was a burst of light. I looked to Drakul and we both understood that I had a better chance to reach the Black Hood unhindered, so I glided through the earth to face our common foe. He had surrounded himself with fire to try and keep the trees at bay, but it was nothing to reach out and smother those feeble flames. In retaliation for smothering his flames the Black Hood used his magic to throw me high into the air. Earth collides with earth all the time and the only thing that suffers are those creatures made of flesh and bone. I just let nature take its own course and fell upon our foe throwing him high into the air, and before his body begun its fall back to the earth the dwarf wielding the magic hammer let fly knocking the Black Hood’s body into the angry limbs of the trees.

The battle was over now that the Black Hood was dead but the clouds overhead gathered and a bearded face appeared telling us that we had killed his son and that we would never see our homes again. Tertullian said something about that being the god Poseidon, which means nothing to me. It is most likely some weak human god.

session 4

Preliminary report home to the Subcommittee on Expansion and Chattel Maturation,

After initially being nonplussed/perplexed at this world I am beginning to understand the dynamics/manna flow as well as chattel susceptibility/acceptability of melding.

The technology/magic ration is a rather unacceptable 1:8.4300021 along with a chattel susceptibility/acceptance figure of 19.310 ohm/sec.5 with a skull protection figure of a Tan-1 is 189.332 (18 other parameters will be forwarded in more formal report)
These factors put this world/dimension/playground on the 5b3 tier for acquisition/liberation, but I am requesting a consideration for limited colonization as per subsection 84g9 of the colonization/liberation code.

I am requesting an extension of mission due to acquisition of potential multiverse travelers as per subsection 12h8 of the code.

There is a gathering of carbon puissant to this nexus. How I was drawn here is still questionable. it would seem it is magical/religious is nature. This same power drew eight or nine powerful chattel.

Although they are made of carbon the puissant are very incredible, especially the one Isis who I believe might be related to the goddess Ishtar on planet 1b7, but with notable differences.

Using the principle of conservation of chattel as well as the general quality and flavor of the manna, triple ionized argon38 with hints of quadruple ionized Fluorine17—yes you read that correctly, is of a quality to give special consideration to this world. So I am aiding the dwarves. Using one of the dwarves I have travelled with a group of eight of the carbon puissant. We searched to rescue a Mab, queen of the fairy, from an Arachnid goddess, Lolth. Mab was secreted on a different plane.

After much misguided travel we were able to track down Lolth and her minions (Drow of the 182c class Race)

As the conflict was engaged I acted first to neutralize (without killing) the 182c Race Drow, on which our stun attacks are particularly effective. In our group there was a shape shifter called Vlad, who gains power through the direct drain of manna force through the liquid in the internal oxygen transport system of victims, primative but effective. He shifted into a bat and attacked.

This is where the Isis figure showed her true glory. She set up a level 13, yes one-three level anti-magic globe which effectively ended the magic attacks of the misguided/enemy. She was able to hold this globe for an indefinite period.

The Angel Michael was able to magnificently neutralize the manna-less meat-shells/waste-of-carbon. Please revise my previous report of a fallen angel. More research is needed.

Angel, the magical artist then brilliantly brought forth a blue dragon of manna. very wasteful, but he had strong control over it.

The Earth creature, Grignak, was effective in detaining multiple 182c creatures by literally moving the stone under their feet.

The Justice was able to go toe-to-claw with a carnivore with seeming sentience.

Tartulian although not attacking directly was able to raise awareness for other neutralizing measures. he so aware of the locals that at first I suspected he was a being and not a carbon puissant. This seems not to be the case.

As stated early the antimagic globe was able to neutralize the magical attacks of the others. This led to a quick fleeing of the 182c and effectively trapping Lolth who surrendered before being bloodied.

These carbon puissant seemed to be remarkably in control of themselves, except for Vlad who went on the offensive after the end of hostilities. Great care should be taken to study him for I fear if his kind ever attacked the Sollewans.

negotiations ensued with Lolth where we were able to remove Lolth from the upcoming confrontation as well as free Mab. Unfortunately there was a chance to secure a multiverse ship, but I was unable to secure access to it.

We returned to the dwarven world and are preparing to engage the enemy. If successful in this confrontation I recommend that we set up a Sollewan as a vision of this Isis to start a religion here for the non-dwarves, and perhaps the dwarves as well. Acquisition 1935 of my stable with the guidance of dRuuuni would be my recommendation for this job.

I will continue to try to discover more about Isis’s home world, for much study could be performed there, also thought may be put into colonization/liberation.

Please advise and please send a one of my Sollewans with a 6u manna packet for help in the upcoming battle.

end of transmission

Session 1

Key – Italic is thoughts instead of speaking.

Painting, what a strange medium, you never know what is behind what you are currently painting. Used canvas is the best, another painter’s creativity and energy lives beyond the last coat of white paint. Perhaps it is a meadow all aglow with flowers and bees, or maybe the portrait of a naked woman or even a grueling landscape of death and dismay. I have always wondered if the paintings already on the canvas affect the paintings that come after.

This one is very interesting, why am I painting short armored men and an intricately carved hall surrounded by a vast hoard of creatures? Sometimes the canvas just talks to me. The detail is even more than I can hope for, it almost looks like you could reach out and touch the painting. I cannot resist even though it is still wet and the slightest touch could destroy one of my best pieces hand extends and hovers bare millimeters from the oil on the canvas. Do the characters and the places in paintings actually hand passes through the canvas exist?

Noise, what is all this noise? Banging of metal, chanting of deep voices and the marching of hobnailed boots. This is my painting, can this be real?

The scene spins and an alter stretches out before Thorek Ironbrow cold and hard but pulsing with great energies. Can these be our saviors? Scanning the room as 4 individuals (Lords of Fate) appear in different locations. Three appear to be human, but the last is a pile of moving rocks. The humans appeared out of thin air as the rock man rose out of the floor.

The first is a human in a brown robe, obviously a man of the cloth or pursuer of knowledge. (Tertullian)

The second not quite human, but once was. He is similar to some of those outside laying siege to our position. (Drakul)

The third uses a cane and has a very surprised look on his face. Masked very well for a human, but humans have never been able to mask their true emotions unlike us. Is he a cripple that needs a cane to walk and carries no weapons. (Angel)

Lastly a pile of living rocks? Perhaps it is the earth coming to our defense after many millennia of a close relationship crafting and giving purpose to stone so deserving of attention. (Grignak)

All are guided to the great stone meeting table and presented with food and drink. The discussion with them is a blur. As a group they are not sure if they indeed are the saviors of our world. We Dwarves and the fickle Fey led by Queen Maebh are all that is left to defend it from the Dark outside. As much as I distrust the Fey and their methods, why do they just sit back and watch their world die?

I lead the Lords of Fate outside to witness the death of Thane Kadrin Redmane. The battle has yet to begin, but the result is inevitable. Savage blows are struck by the Thane and the Black Hood, but as the final blow impacts the Thanes body it rises into the air pulled towards the sky by his hammer (The Eternal Champion). Hovering for a period of time and silencing the dark hoard that had been cheering so loudly. Suddenly the body plummets into the chasm opened by the battle which slams shut with such force the walls of our mountain shake. The hammer is lost but at least not to the hoard. My heart screams in agony but I must maintain my composure.

Leading the Lords of Fate into the hall all are looking at the altar. The hammer sits in its rightful place even though moments before it had disappeared into the earth. The Thane where is he? That is too much to hope for, he has moved on to the halls of the ancestors but the hammer has returned to us, praised be. “We must reach Master Engineer Malachai stranded in the fort at the mouth of the valley. He is our only chance to hold back the hoard for any length of time. Our weapons are failing and we need him to correct the problem.” I leave the Lords of Fate to their discussion and approach the altar. The hammer looks the same but the energy it produces are different. There is something inside the hammer, has it been possessed, has it been twisted by the magic of the hoard outside?

The hammer flies from the altar to land in the hands Gotrek Redmane the son of the Thane. He shakes his head after catching the hammer and then strides to the table and joins the Lords of Fate. What is he doing, he has no business there.

After a long discussion the saviors and the Thanes Son have a plan of action. They move outside with a purpose. The human with the red hat and cane, begins to create something out of clay. Not a cripple after all but why carry a cane? He continues to pull more and more clay from a small metal box until he has at least a thousand times more than could fit in the box. The detail in the sculpture is amazing, it is almost as detailed as some of our stoneworkers, but it is clay and not a true medium as it can be easily shattered and ground under foot. Ah it is a Wyvern the size of a small pony, what good is that? The man in the red hat stands up and leans close to the head of the Wyvern. Suddenly it begins to move and grow in size. What dark magic is this? It grows to the size of a tower with a basket on its back. The saviors and the Thane’s son climb into the basket and the Wyvern leaps into the air.

They soar over the hoard heading directly for the fort. _ They are going to make it!_ The ever-present clouds boil and a gigantic shape explodes from them. It is a giant Wyvern almost as big as a Wyrm (Dragon). Oh no!!!!! As quickly as the wyrm appeared it flies back into the clouds as if it never existed. The wyvern lands safely at least from the hoard.

The hoard army is moving and shifting. Obviously the trip back will not be as easy as the one to get there. After a tense hour the wyvern lifts into the air and the hoard on the ground mobilizes. The wyvern flies at odd angles and twist and turns to avoid the archer units, but there are too many to completely avoid. The blasted Skaven begin to throw unholy green fire into the sky. Almost as quickly the ground begins to shake and many fall spraying their brethren and those crowded around. An uncountable number of bats fill the sky. Oh no, where did the hoard get this ability and why have we not seen this before?

The clouds begin to boil and then explode with Harpies, Wyverns and other flying beasts. The winds swirl violently and thunder begins to roll. The fliers of the hoard begin to be buffeted by the winds, swarmed by bats and blasted by bolts of lightning that split the sky. How is this possible? Even with the forces of nature on the side of the Lords of Fate the sheer numbers of the hoard begin to break through. The Goblins launch their suicide kites into the sky aiming for the wyvern. The hammer flies and strikes the only Goblin to maintain control through the wind, bats and lightning causing a massive explosion. When the fireball and smoke clears the Lords of Fate and their wyvern have disappeared.

How can this be, they were the ones to save us." Great drafts of air push down on the walls of the citadel but all that is visible is a swarm of bats. Then suddenly the Wyvern is there and lading in the courtyard. The Lords of Fate and Master Engineer Malachai dismount but I must contain my pleasure and just enjoy the success. The damage to the hoard is a loss, not of manpower but the fact that they were beaten. The man in the red hat walks to the head of the Wyvern, whispers in its ear and smacks it across the face. Instead of reacting in anger the Wyvern shatters into pieces of clay that he proceeds to pick-up and put back in the metal box.

They have done more than I could imagine, but how will they help us stop the entire hoard?

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