Lords of Fate

session 4

Preliminary report home to the Subcommittee on Expansion and Chattel Maturation,

After initially being nonplussed/perplexed at this world I am beginning to understand the dynamics/manna flow as well as chattel susceptibility/acceptability of melding.

The technology/magic ration is a rather unacceptable 1:8.4300021 along with a chattel susceptibility/acceptance figure of 19.310 ohm/sec.5 with a skull protection figure of a Tan-1 is 189.332 (18 other parameters will be forwarded in more formal report)
These factors put this world/dimension/playground on the 5b3 tier for acquisition/liberation, but I am requesting a consideration for limited colonization as per subsection 84g9 of the colonization/liberation code.

I am requesting an extension of mission due to acquisition of potential multiverse travelers as per subsection 12h8 of the code.

There is a gathering of carbon puissant to this nexus. How I was drawn here is still questionable. it would seem it is magical/religious is nature. This same power drew eight or nine powerful chattel.

Although they are made of carbon the puissant are very incredible, especially the one Isis who I believe might be related to the goddess Ishtar on planet 1b7, but with notable differences.

Using the principle of conservation of chattel as well as the general quality and flavor of the manna, triple ionized argon38 with hints of quadruple ionized Fluorine17—yes you read that correctly, is of a quality to give special consideration to this world. So I am aiding the dwarves. Using one of the dwarves I have travelled with a group of eight of the carbon puissant. We searched to rescue a Mab, queen of the fairy, from an Arachnid goddess, Lolth. Mab was secreted on a different plane.

After much misguided travel we were able to track down Lolth and her minions (Drow of the 182c class Race)

As the conflict was engaged I acted first to neutralize (without killing) the 182c Race Drow, on which our stun attacks are particularly effective. In our group there was a shape shifter called Vlad, who gains power through the direct drain of manna force through the liquid in the internal oxygen transport system of victims, primative but effective. He shifted into a bat and attacked.

This is where the Isis figure showed her true glory. She set up a level 13, yes one-three level anti-magic globe which effectively ended the magic attacks of the misguided/enemy. She was able to hold this globe for an indefinite period.

The Angel Michael was able to magnificently neutralize the manna-less meat-shells/waste-of-carbon. Please revise my previous report of a fallen angel. More research is needed.

Angel, the magical artist then brilliantly brought forth a blue dragon of manna. very wasteful, but he had strong control over it.

The Earth creature, Grignak, was effective in detaining multiple 182c creatures by literally moving the stone under their feet.

The Justice was able to go toe-to-claw with a carnivore with seeming sentience.

Tartulian although not attacking directly was able to raise awareness for other neutralizing measures. he so aware of the locals that at first I suspected he was a being and not a carbon puissant. This seems not to be the case.

As stated early the antimagic globe was able to neutralize the magical attacks of the others. This led to a quick fleeing of the 182c and effectively trapping Lolth who surrendered before being bloodied.

These carbon puissant seemed to be remarkably in control of themselves, except for Vlad who went on the offensive after the end of hostilities. Great care should be taken to study him for I fear if his kind ever attacked the Sollewans.

negotiations ensued with Lolth where we were able to remove Lolth from the upcoming confrontation as well as free Mab. Unfortunately there was a chance to secure a multiverse ship, but I was unable to secure access to it.

We returned to the dwarven world and are preparing to engage the enemy. If successful in this confrontation I recommend that we set up a Sollewan as a vision of this Isis to start a religion here for the non-dwarves, and perhaps the dwarves as well. Acquisition 1935 of my stable with the guidance of dRuuuni would be my recommendation for this job.

I will continue to try to discover more about Isis’s home world, for much study could be performed there, also thought may be put into colonization/liberation.

Please advise and please send a one of my Sollewans with a 6u manna packet for help in the upcoming battle.

end of transmission



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