Lords of Fate

Session 5

The war seems to be finally over. The early conflicts had been nothing more than distractions, but out there real challenges thought they were hidden. To one attune with the earth nothing that moves on or within the earth is truly hidden. The battle was the first real challenge that the companions and I faced since being brought to this world.

Together with the slaver known as dRaaang I sought out where the Hood might be hiding. This Black Hood is a coward; a conqueror that is not willing to break his foes with his own hands is not worthy to sit upon a throne.

Rising up from the caverns was an enormous creature that my companions called a Cyclops and it stood over 80 feet tall. I called upon the energy of the Anvil and doubled my height, but it was still less than a quarter the beast’s height. I stuck out and smashed its leg bringing it down to its knees, and its retaliation was feeble. Trying to hurt me with a rock, the creature was dumb as it was huge. The slaver dRaaang tried to take over the beast, but its feeble mind must have been too simple to be an adequate puppet. I smashed its leg and in its blind rage to kill dRaaang the simple minded fool missed and split its own skull.

The winged creature known as Michael flew up into the clouds in search of the elder dragons and fought one in single combat. The dragon was knocked from the skies and brought down to the earth where it had to flee from the battle using its magic or be destroyed. The angel’s victory was short lived and he was nearly swallowed into the earth by the magic wielded by the Black Hood. He escaped from being entombed and right into an ambush by a flight of gargoyles.

The one called Justice and a dwarf warrior wielding a magical hammer fought a beast called an abomination. Each time they scattered the beast it would reform itself. Time and time again it the scattered the beast and it reformed, neither side really gaining a solid victory because it could not really harm them in return.

The one known as Isis and the sage Tertullian worked together to form a magical trap that weakened the Black Hood. Afterwards Isis used her magic many times to turn the tide of battle in our favor when things began to look desperate.

Drakul searched out the lesser of his kind and brought them to heel and with their assistance he ripped open the device called the Doom Wheel and killed its operators.

The artist who calls himself Angle toyed with the elder dragon of storms until it fled the battlefield in shame. I actually felt sorry for the creature for it was clearly outmatched by the artist’s skill.

Nearby stone trolls came towards me, maybe with thoughts of vengeance, fools. I charged into the creatures scattering several of them before they surrounded me and tried to bring me down. As I faced the trolls the vampire Drakul with some of his new minions smashed into the rear ranks of the trolls and it became a race to see who would have the greater count of skulls.

It was at this time that dRaaang found the Black Hood, who was facing Tertullian and the walking trees of Mave’s army. Tertullian I believe had tried to reach a peaceful conclusion to this war, noble effort but his audience had not ears for peace. I do not know what happened, but I saw dRaaang fall from the sky and a moment later there was a burst of light. I looked to Drakul and we both understood that I had a better chance to reach the Black Hood unhindered, so I glided through the earth to face our common foe. He had surrounded himself with fire to try and keep the trees at bay, but it was nothing to reach out and smother those feeble flames. In retaliation for smothering his flames the Black Hood used his magic to throw me high into the air. Earth collides with earth all the time and the only thing that suffers are those creatures made of flesh and bone. I just let nature take its own course and fell upon our foe throwing him high into the air, and before his body begun its fall back to the earth the dwarf wielding the magic hammer let fly knocking the Black Hood’s body into the angry limbs of the trees.

The battle was over now that the Black Hood was dead but the clouds overhead gathered and a bearded face appeared telling us that we had killed his son and that we would never see our homes again. Tertullian said something about that being the god Poseidon, which means nothing to me. It is most likely some weak human god.



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