Lords of Fate

Session 6

What Has She Gotten Me Into This Time

Ever since stepping from the mists (this time) I have been travelling with these beings. It seems to be the path I need to follow; for the moment. She would not have brought me here otherwise. However, after dealing with some of these “people” my certainty has been shaken somewhat. I am trying to determine their true motives, but it is not easy. They appear to work as a team, but my gut tells me that their motives are more individualistic. Perhaps She intends that I bring balance to this group. However, I need to maintain it in myself; until the verdict comes.
They are truly a mixed bag. They range from a scholar to an artist, a (The?) vampire to an angel and its flaming sword, an elemental to a goddess of magic and a living weapon thrown into the mix for “good” measure. It kind of reminds me of the bull pen back at the public defender’s office. Sometime, I think I would have been better off doing what I was told instead of doing the “right” thing. I didn’t know it then, but that decision ended my life…as I knew it. It ultimately ended up bringing me to “Her”.
There are times, in the dead of night, that I wish that I hadn’t decided that justice was less important than the law; almost. It wasn’t as if that piece of trash didn’t deserve to fry for the dozens of capital crimes I know he had committed, but he happened to be innocent “this time” around. It was one of those if, if, if situations that nobody wins. IF I hadn’t come across that video showing that cop entering the building 30 minutes before he said he had. IF I hadn’t kept looking into that scum’s alibi, I wouldn’t have found it. IF I hadn’t been so blind that I didn’t even consider that even cops might seek to make an example of someone who dared to put away one of their own, I might still be “alive”; but I would never have known “Her”.
As always, I will have faith that Her gifts to me will allow me to find the point that will allow me to show these others that balance must be maintained. That place where good, evil, law and chaos meet in equilibrium. That point at where Her scales are truly in balance. Then, perhaps, I can finally find peace.
Right now it looks like I’m in Hell (again) and the natives are restless. We need to watch out for Demons and Devils and Weres; oh shit!



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