Always dressed to... Kill?



-Clothes make the man
-…the Last Breath?
-Speak softly and carry a…

Known powers: Creates very lifelike artwork. Carries a cane.


The following is a dossier on an identified threat.

Name: Angel (aka Angel of Death) – Real name Unknown
Sex: Male
Occupation: Killer Artist
Place of Birth: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Warrants: None Active
Estimated Worth: Over $100 million

Known Abilities:
Melee – Premier cane fighter in the battle circuit and winner of last 6 tournaments. Only one opponent, Brown Brawler, has escaped death at his hands in the annually held tournament.

Animation – Able to animate an unknown number of objects from artwork, his own or others. The animated objects can be living or non-living objects. Some examples include goblins, fairies, dragons, clowns, planes, trains, cars, trucks and in one case a rocket.

Activities: It is believed that Angel is involved in many unsanctioned battle circuits and is involved as a hit man for at least one crime family. His artwork has appeared in many galleries and other prominent places around the world. Works in all known mediums.

Suggested method of approach: Do Not approach!!!!


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