I think, therefore I am.


M:4 intuitive understanding of technology
S:10 possessions, perseverance
Soc:7 being able to read a crowded scene quickly.
H:5 power conversion to heal

-I haven’t tried that before.
-I love my chattel and must protect them.
-Through progress we will all be better

Spirit based (freebee) Religion, the opiate of the people.

Known abilities: Incorporeal, can take over bodies. Native plasma form is fast and resistant.

Incorporeal—Actually is a plasma being so technically there is matter there. This means that it is vulnerable to physical attack. In reality with his speed and flowing nature this could act as near incorporeal or there could be many more physical attacks. Also limited access to moment in liquids and almost no movement through non-living solids.

Near speed of light travel. This could be nerfed by making travel in atmosphere significantly slower.

Ability to possess living beings: Basics—This is a Spirit based attack. There are minuses for speed of attack. Minuses for the difference from typical Sollewans. the degree of success actually will dictate the level of success of take over.
basically as follows:
-2 failure: unsuccessful, I am stunned take moderate damage. more failures add to stunned time and damage. All subsequent attempts impossible until both rest

-1 failure unsuccessful, I take light wound. only defensive actions following round. May reattempt at -2 to attack

0 unsuccessful no negative effects except -1 for any reattempts

1 success Inside chattel, both are stunned a round. tenuous grasp. Must fight for control each round at -1, but if this becomes more successful result move control to new level. Being gets one free action. Sollayan cannot use trained skills of host. No access to thoughts not immediately on mind of chattel.
To others chattel appears almost like a marionette, very noticeable behavior changes. After release Chattel will be aware that something happened.

2 successes Inside chattel; chattel’s consciousness is stunned and semiconscious. No actions by chattel. Sollayan sees the world through the eyes of host, can use actions (not free actions) to plump memory of host. Cannot used trained skills of host. May retry hold in subsequent rounds at 1. To others chattel will appear slightly drunk—mostly due to the Sollayan not knowing the mannerisms of the host. Chattel will feel something was amiss, but will be hard pressed to say what.
3 Successes Inside chattel. Chattel in dream like state. Access to most memory processes so a search is +2 as a specific action and a related search is a free action.[daydreaming about safe will give you a random memory connected with safes—might be helpful might not be] Access to skilled actions of chattel at Minus one. After 4th round reroll control, but Sollayan can reroll before that to retry hold at +2. Chattel will assume he was daydreaming or actually asleep and dreaming unless confronted with evidence. May suspect something was amiss if he sees video tape of his actions.
successes strong control Local mind is distracted and enters an alternate reality controlled by the sollayan. Can get the Chattel to perform actions at normal ability level. In this state an active memory search is possible. Unless some stress is introduced this state is stable. Stress would be physical shock; extreme stimulus, dream world not jiving with reality, actions contradictory to Chattel’s nature (graduated scale) If contact is not broken by stresses mentioned above then Chattel has no clue control happened.

Modifiers. Chattel is: Sollewan +2 (benefits the Sollayan); +1 for Sollayan hybrids; +1 to -2 for humans based on their likeness to humans; -1 to -4 for humanoids; -3 to -10 for more esoteric beings. It is reasonable for me to recognize Sollewan or hybrids on sight. for the others I might have prior knowledge (in general a specific race should have the same numbers, although I may not know that number)

Other powers:

can shift universes, but only from a fusion field to another fusion field.

super fast travel in plasma bodies and through vacuum spaces. Mack 5 in typical atmospheres.

Symbiotic race: The Sollewans are natural hosts for the Sollayans. Forced control is given at +2 and it is part of their culture to have “spirits of the past” talk to them and enter them—that is how Sollewans see the possessions. Sollewans are technologically advancing by leaps and bounds and they have learned to shift the multiverse, and have been spreading fusion technology and are basically acting as goodwill ambassadors. Friends to all, so to speak.

Negative powers:
Being made of plasma, long term contact with an atmosphere below 250F is detrimental. Usually this damage is negligible up to ten minutes, but from that point it becomes minor . Since Sollayans are formed from a combination of Noble gases chemical attacks as such are not really a problem. In game results are <10 minutes exposure to atmosphere is shaken off, and then each ten minutes will count as a minor hit. Vacuums—even in a light bulb are generally safe. fires can be used as a refuge.
once in a body the plasma will wend its way through the nervous system and use its variations in charge to manipulate the charges being sent from axon to axon. thus probing memory or creating spot on illusions are relatively easy matters. The more in control and understanding of the mind view of the species and the individual the more realistic these can be, although a common trick is to call up from memories of the specific chattel that is being graced.

Manna junky: dRaaang has actually set up an alternative pathway of manna into himself. He discovered some of the manna from device-worship (think of people with their smartphone or with Facebook accounts) has a stickiness that will flow to individuals Sollayans. This has also caused a bit of a psychological dependency. If he is away from manna sources for too long he will begin to suffer withdraw.


Age 350 sols roughly roughly the equivalent of a 23 year old

parentage: is financed between a surprising number of Sollayans. Offspring are actually more closely related to corporations created on our world. any number of investors will invest capital in a new entity, and then they are able to derive manna returns from the offspring for a set period of time. typically the pool of investors is small, but in dRaaang’s case there were 9 voting stock members and over 25 common stock investors.

offspring: unknown—there is speculation that some are hidden in off-Solla shell corporations.

height (the plasma field can expand to 50 m^3 in a vacuum, but can shrink down to about 1/2 a lightbulb) mass is approximately

At first this was seen as a problem, but it was dRaaang—my character who came to realize that these people who turned away from religion were in fact just worshiping in different ways
dRaaang actually cut his teeth in the field of pop music. on this world the British invasion was actually a craze manufactured by dRaaang. The manna field emanating from Shea Stadium is considered to surpass even the strongest of Hadj in its strength and sheer size of power release and uniqueness of flavor/value of the worship juice.
This would have been enough to secure dRaaang’s place for fast track to the upper ruling council, but he then he traded his musician for the co-founder of a fledgling computer company as well as some promising cadets in the newly created Sliders-core -Sollayans can claim exclusive rights to influence a particular chattel. The benefit of which is that the manna flowing to that Sollewan, usually in religious fervor, get channeled through the Sollayan on its way to the whole. This is how personal power is derived on Solla.
dRaaang saw the devotion that the Sollewans were giving to these electronic devices and discovered this to be a new and even more potent form of worship. The field created by staring at a screen is quite potent. dRaaang received some flack from his using his own name in the startup sound of these electronic devices [Sollayan names are actually combinations of light frequencies from the ionization of certain plasmas
-this can be rendered into chords if transcribed into sound] This was thought to be skirting too close to the taboo area of highlighting oneself for worship [see endnote] especially when it was found that this same chord was used as a 45 second end note of a #1 hit from the earlier musician era.
Setting up and founding the extracting of these two new rich veins of manna would be enough to easily have gotten a seat on the central committee, but the conservative factors felt dRaang was too young, along with the questionable nature of the use of his name this was enough to presently make a council seat an impossibility. Instead of making a fuss dRaaang decided to join the multi-verse core with some members of his growing faction of Sollayans. This core is a somewhat dangerous branch that is expanding Sollayan influence through the multi-verse.

Endnote: Sollayans have a policy of worship never directly coming towards the Sollayan. There were too many times in the distant past where Sollayans have set themselves up as gods. These almost always end in great expansions of personal power to quickly, and it is uncertain if Sollayans can handle this. A Sollayan who occupies an individual Sollewan is not receiving the adulation directly, Once the Sollewan dies there is no way to connect the worship to the Sollayan who once nurtured the Sollewan. Basically the Sollayan who brought about Zoroaster was rolling in the manna while Zoroaster lived but once Zoroaster died the worship manna went into a common pool shared by all of the Sollayans. dRaaang by connecting some of the worship to his name directly potentially might have a way to still have manna siphon off to him instead of directly into the common pool.


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