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The sun’s name is Solla and the planet’s name is Sollew. Earthlike,
but with a dramatically increased technological timeline in recent
There is no real name for the plasma beings on Solla, the locals are
not aware of their existence, but Sollayans is probably the best way
to refer to them. they have a utopian existence where they are
nourished by the energy of the sun and htere is something in their
reproductive cycles that is self regulating and so there is no need to
worry about over population.
Eons ago they ventured into the outer space of their solar system—in
fact surfing the solar flares are the greatest form of sport. For the
longest time the planets were off-limits because the atmosphere has a
negative effect on the health of Sollayans. But Sollayan youths would
have the rough equivalent of “holding your head underwater” contests
on the 3rd rock planet’s atmosphere.
by happenchance one day a Sollayan bumped into a human (around the
time of the beginning of the stone age—80,000 BCE), and actually was
able to ride inside the humans head for extended times, something to
do with electrical impulses in the brain that form a protective field
for the plasma being. His friends outside the atmosphere thought him
dead, but he just was enjoying the new perspective on life.
It was a tenuous grasp at first, but they found that there were
certain people that were easier to use as hosts. The youths were
flocking to the planet now. They would have competitions for control
of people.
Eventually the elders found out, and much thought was given to the
understanding of this chattel, and it was found that the energy waves
of various emotions act much like vitamins and drugs for the Sollayans
found therapeutic uses for the possessions. Ways to control the
chattel were first devised, and the equivalent of Greggor Mendel
discovered genetics and DNA and we discovered the importance of
controlled breeding in order to select more malleable types of chattel
for better control. With better control we were able to have those
chattel win the genetic race. this has led to humans who are very
empathetic and “in touch with their emotions.” Although there is a
subset of Sollayans who will “get a rush” from negative emotions, we
almost exclusively feed off of positive emotions, love, friendship,
appreciation of art.
The one emotion/feeling that really gives a rush is worship. It has
an opiate effect on Sollayans, although it is not chemically addictive
it can become an addiction problem that is more psychological in
nature. Once the power of worship became understood it became almost
like a game amongst the Sollayans to set up their own religions. This
happened early enough in the culture forming process that Stone Age
periods go through that the religions on Solla Sollew are all
possession based with the Gods coming down to possess the Sollewians
(our chattel). Competing factions of Sollayans form religions and
compete for followers. One interesting distinction is an almost
complete lack of religious wars—the mixing of the negative emotions
with the worship tends to give “bad trips.”
This symbiosis has lasted a long time. Technological advances
happened very slowly…too much directing of the chattel for
non-technological pursuits. For the most part the symbiosis has
actually helped the Sollewans. War is almost non-existent; art is
highly prized. disease is controlled through behavior
modification—employees on Sollew always, always wash their hands
before returning to work. Individuals with communicable diseases find
overwhelming urges to become hermits, etc. Socialistic states formed
because competition that led to cutthroat capitalism has been bred out
of the population.

Then one day we found a small group of humans who looked slightly

different, and acted very strange—almost animal-like in aggression.
They attacked the locals and pillaged and did all kinds of horrific
acts to the Sollewians, and they had advanced technology to the point
that it was a slaughter. they were nipped in the bud by control and
the most exquisitely ritualstic suicides known to date. The few that
survived were controlled and studied. Thus the Sollayans found out
about the multiverse.

Once alternate realities were found much gnashing of electrons took
place. There were fears of armies coming through to take over Sollew,
and decimate the Sollewans. There were also seen ways to expand and
bring The Sollayan influence to other worlds and help guide the
chattel to better ways of existence. The Great Debate centered on
which path to take.
Finally it was decided to take a two pronged approach to raise the
technological prowess of the Sollewan so that they could defend their
world—it is an exclusively non-magical world. This allows the planet
to not fear invasions from other worlds. this also allows Sollewans
to have the capabilities to shift through the multiverse, and they can
set up colonies and outposts on other worlds.
With the rush for technological development there came many Sollewans who fell away from religion. At first this was seen as a problem, but it was dRaaang—my character who came to realize that these people who turned away from religion were in fact just worshiping in different ways



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